Physical Chemistry Test Series- Quantum Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics

National level examinations like CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM. Top 5 Questions in Thermodynamics, Quantum chemistry, Chemical Kinetics-Physical Chemistry

The practice of National level examinations like CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM, and other equivalents exams with test series. Chemarticle provides the Exam preparation for Chemical science papers at the National level and competitive exams. We hope that it is helpful for a CSIR Aspirant as well as GATE and other entrance examination Aspirants.

The parts of Physical Chemistry are Thermodynamics, Quantum Chemistry, and Chemical Kinetics. These topics are most popular in physical chemistry. Test series on this issue today. Which you must have read in any of your science courses. And these topics are very important for any entrance exam. Students will be helped to attempt this type of Test series after the Final Examination. Students take an exam for a correct approach to the questions.

In this Test Series, Each Question has 5 points. Total 5 questions are there. Therefore the Total points are 25.

Thank You for your Submission. After Submitting your Answer Paper check back. After Submission Display your score card. How many questions did you answer correctly and how many did you answer incorrectly? You can judge him correctly. This can affect your exam preparation more. Finally, You can Save it.

Top 5 Questions in Thermodynamics, Quantum chemistry, Chemical Kinetics -Physical Chemistry for CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM.

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Physical Chemistry Test Series

Exactly similar questions are asked in National Level Examinations. Which is very convenient for the candidates. By practicing these question answers, students get an idea of ​​each question paper.

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In chemical science, physical chemistry is a major part as well as the requirements. Exam preparation is never possible without it. In other words, Physical chemistry is an essential or important chapter to taking any national-level exam. Because its importance in today's life is undeniable. Any reactions or molecular structure determination -NMR Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics products or kinetics product stability, etc configured by the physical chemistry.   So it is very important to read and practice these physical chemistry chapters carefully.

Or looking at the syllabus of any national level exam or comparative exam it will be found that physical chemistry will be included in some chapters of chemistry subjects such as Thermodynamics, Chemical kinetics, and Gas phases. Those chapters are continued to read in any chemical science courses.